Corporate Events, Teambuilding Krakow

Need to organize a company event or teambuilding? Check out the TramParty Krakow offer.

Tram Party is a great idea to organize a company event in Krakow. See how we can help you organize such an event.

The price and details of the event you plan are set individually depending on your preferences and expectations. Each event is planned individually to provide a unique atmosphere and the most appropriate plan to meet your needs.



Corporate Events / Teambuilding in Krakow
Our offer includes:

* Renting a tram for 2 hours
* Musical setting
* Light fitting
* Welcome drink
* Hostesses/Bartenders preparing drinks
* A red carpet entry
* Musical, dance, cabaret and other performances
* Partymaker care
* DJ with equipment
* Photorelation
* Catering
* Planning stops during event with additional attractions
* Flair bartending art show
* Integration games and activities
* Commermorative video HD

Of course, it is possible to plan any additional elements. The imagination of our event managers will certainly positively surprise your expectations.

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