Funny Warsaw City Guide for Stag Groups

Are you new to Warsaw and you would like to organize a stag party, but you do not know where to start? Do not worry, we have you covered. The most undemanding, simple, and cheap idea is to visit the Old City and get hammered with friends in one of numerous pubs around the place. But we know that you are better than that and you look for a sophisticated form of entertainment, aren’t you? Great! Then, let us provide you with a list of clubs that you should consider checking. Those are, among others, Harenda Club, Hybrydy Club, The Decade, Room 13, and Stereo Club. All of the aforementioned places offer a variety of themes for stag parties, as well as they can ensure constant and virtually never-ending stream of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of your liking. All that will be surely combined with familiar tunes, pleasant atmosphere, and astounding interior design. However, there are individuals who want their stag party to be one-of-a-kind and different from any other parties thrown both in their city and outside it. For such people, we have prepared two exceptional offers that will surely be considered worth trying by all the party animals.

The first on our list is the so-called party tram. We know that many of you may not be fully familiar with the concept, so we would like to briefly elaborate on it. In short, it is based on the idea that if a party is good, it does not need to take part in one place – it may go with you whenever you want! The party tram can take you all over Warsaw, grant you the chance to stare in amazement while passing most valuable and appreciated tourist attractions in the city, as well as have exceptional fun with your friends during your stag party. Even though the place seems to be rather confined, it promotes establishing interpersonal relations, talking to strangers, and dance in a close proximity to one another, showing one another affection, interest, and enjoyment. Such benefits of the party tram cannot be found in any of the clubs mentioned before, so if you want to choose something different that will truly stand out, we think that the party tram is the ultimate choice. However, you may decide to visit yet another place with your stag group…

You may play Bubble Football for refreshment! Then, you will get inside giant inflatable balls and forget about all the rules, regulations, and limitations that professional footballers must comply with. Our recipe for fun is just pure creativity and the lack of unwanted restrictions that can spoil fun to a significant extent. You do not need to worry about bruises, injuries, or strains, as you will be secured by the durable material of the balls. Obviously you will end the match exhausted, but we are more than sure that you will at the same time be more satisfied than ever before.