Surprise birthday party for your friend!

Oh, your friends does have a birthday when you all gonna be in Krakow! That’s perfect 🙂 Now here’s a hint what you should do to make a perfect surprise. Let’s begin with the fact that you probably don’t even realise that there’s a special tram with sound blasting, lasers & lights beaming and you can get on it and make your private party. Ok so now you know. But have you thought about booking us to organize a secret tram party for the occasion of your friend’s birthday? Yes, we can do it!

tramparty-impreza-urodzinowa-2Also, we can quietly drive to the set up tram stop where you lads will be waiting (supposedly for a regular tram, at least that’s what the birthday boy/girl is gonna think). And then, the tram door open and a red carpet rolls out of it so that your buddy can enter the tram board in a VIP-like style. And here’s where the fun begins 🙂 Open up the bottles, start cheering, dancing and jumping while the music starts to blaze from the speakers!
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tram party. Today we got a special occasion as (…your friend’s name…) is celebrating a BIRTHDAY! So let’s rock’n’roll the city toniiiiiiight!

Hey, what are you waiting for? Call us now, before its too late 🙂